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Gilly’s Steel Supplies Wodonga is “Your Local Independent Steel Supplier”. We service Albury Wodonga and surrounding regions. For all your RHS, purlin, pipe, roofing and fencing materials and products. Our steel supplies complex in Osburn Street Wodonga allows easy access for ‘Drive Through’ pick up of your steel materials, we are always on hand to offer assistance and advice.

We have the bits n’ pieces you need to get that fencing job done. Posts, fence sheeting, square and round fence post caps and coloured self drilling TEK screws. Building your own shed, carport, pergola or deck? We can supply steel roof sheeting in various profiles, guttering and attachments, water proofing polycarbonate TEK fixings, purlin brackets and bolts – everything you need to get the job done.





We carry a huge range of products and chances are if you’re looking for a steel product then we either have it in stock or we can get a hold of what you’re after super fast. So if you are a builder, farmer, handyman or project manager and you require steel for either commercial or domestic application then give us a call today on (02) 6024 5282 or drop into our complex at 11 Osborne St Wodonga to check out our range and prices.

  • Roofing, Fencing & Steel Supplies

  • RHS & Pipe
  • New and Downgraded Steel

  • Corrugated Roofing Iron

  • Roof & Fencing Purlins
  • Brackets & Bolts
  • Flat, Round & Angle Bar
  • Fence Sheeting
  • Steel Roof Sheeting
  • Fascia & Guttering
  • Retainer Wall Posts

  • Domestic and Rural Fencing
  • Self Drilling TEK Screws
  • Hardware Accessories
  • Delivery Service & Drive Through